EWH-401 Bb French Horn for Junior Players


Our Eastman Bb horn for junior players is an excellent instrument for children aged 8-12 who play in brass bands or orchestras. While the normal modern French horn is designed for adult players,  this mini French horn offers a perfect alternative for children. It has a more compact design but offers the same intonation and sound than the normal ones.

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In order to give you the best possible impression, we have recorded a short sound sample:


  • In comparison to the normal French horn, this horn for junior players is about 1/4 smaller
  • Brass body, lacquered
  • 3 rotary valves
  • Adjustable finger hook (perfect for kids)
  • Bore: 11,8 mm
  • Bell-Ø: 280 mm
  • incl. case with backpack straps, mouthpiece and cleaning accessories

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